Personalizing a gift requires thought and that’s why people love it so much. Trying to pick your personalization options might seem a little overwhelming so here are some tips to keep you from overthinking or overwhelming yourself.

  1. Ask yourself “What would ____ like out of these options?”  Most likely, they will have a favorite color? Are they girly? Are they neutral? Athletic? All of these personality questions can usually narrow it down easily.
  2. We’ve narrowed down your choices to our top options anyway.  Odds are no matter what option you pick it will look good.
  3. Whoever you give a personalized gift to won’t look at it and say “man I wish you would’ve picked that coral color instead of this pink.” No. That doesn’t happen. They will think of how thoughtful this personalized gift was and they will love it.
  4. Most importantly, it’s not life and death. lol This decision won’t be the biggest decision you make in your life. So stop stressing! Pick out the options you like the best and I’m sure it will all work out perfectly. Save those stressful decision making feelings for purchasing a house, buying a new puppy, or whether or not to put Grandma in that old-folk home. 😉