Many times an occasion arises where you need to buy a gift for someone and we draw a blank on what to get.  That’s normal. We lead busy lives and we have our own stresses to worry about. So what do we do, the easiest aka laziest thing to do: buy a gift card.  I call this the Gift Card Fallback. It’s the least effort required, often times quick, no wrapping involved…doesn’t seem like there’s a downfall to this option.  Except one.  It’s generic and there’s no thought in it.

If you want someone to feel special then you have to put a little bit of thought into their gift.  Think about their lifestyle. Think about the things you do with them.  Are they outdoorsy?  Buy them a personalized Corkcicle canteen.  Do they need time to relax and unwind?  Buy them a Bridgewater candle. Do they travel a lot or maybe have a trip coming up? Perhaps a Cinda B. bag would be right up their alley.

Gifts card can be great for certain circumstances but overall, they are impersonal and cold like cash. So stere clear of lazy gift giving. Your friends and family deserve more than that. You don’t need to put so much thought into it that you drive yourself crazy. Just enough thought to say, “this made me think of you.”

And if you really want to give them a gift card, buy them a clutch, wallet or money clip and attach it to the gift.  THAT’S how you do gift giving right!